Thursday, December 11, 2008

Prayer change!

OK everyone...the lung is looking MUCH better! (Almost "normal") Go God! However, oh yes there is a however! The renal numbers are back to not looking to good. We are now thinking there is more of an issue with blood flow because of kidney vrs. the heart. They are going to get a renal ultrasound to see what really is going on in there. Please pray that there is an answer. We are SO close! All other numbers and looking better and better and she eats full feeds, does the potty stuff well. This seems to be the "it" factor. So PLEASE pray for the kidneys and for an answer.


  1. How could I forget?!? GO GOD!!! Heal up, Zoe!!!

  2. Praying hard here. It sounds like a matter of a little fine tuning here and there with Gods continued help the answer will be there. Zoe is doing great work here and I believe the answer will be found this time.




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