Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Where Does Your Husband Work?

That's what the lady in the adjoining room asked Jen as she was getting a massage, courtesy of Mandi and Erika. Jen said some people from my work had set her up.

It's Avicom.

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  1. Ooooooooooo, a massage for Jen, ahhhh! I hope it made her spirits and body soar. You work for what sounds like a wonderful place and your friends there are so special to be such a support. I know they love Zoe too. Hey, if you get bored at all, I just started a blog in the last few days and I would be honored to get a comment from Zoe and her dad. I am a big fan of your little girl. Just a thought:) "Loving the Benadryl on the 4th floor there. Sweet rest for Zoe and you guys.

    Love, Laurie in Ca.



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