Friday, November 28, 2008

Chest Tube Out

Stats stable. They didn't even give her anything for the removal. Apparently they do it with little rampup so the kid doesn't sense something's coming. She's o2 is at 94 and she's just looking at a lighted fish toy.


  1. Anonymous8:37 AM

    This is tremendous. What great news. One more step toward healing and heading home.

    Thank God for your wonderful medical team.

    Please thank them for me, and tell them that in some countries children like Zoe are denied these options.

    It has been a tremendous joy for me to witness their care and concern throughout Zoe's surgery.

    A friend of mine who has a 34 year old daughter with mosaic trisomy 13 wrote this little poem about her experience and observations. Her daughter is experiencing the early symptoms of heart failure because appropriate treatment was denied when she was young.

    Perfect for the Purpose God Made Them

    I saw a dad today, at Wal-Mart.
    He was with his severely disabled daughter.
    They were in the toy section.
    He was showing her all kinds of neat stuff.
    She was smiling and waving her hands.
    She looked like she was having a wonderful time.
    So did her dad.
    She was in a wheelchair
    and had a ventilator
    and he had to keep suctioning her.
    If her purpose is to help her dad to become all that he can be
    and far more than he could ever have imagined, she is perfect.

    Once I took Bec to a specialist who always had a flock of residents in tow.
    He said, "We're not going to fix her so we don't need to know
    what else is wrong and you don't need to come back"
    Ever since then I have thought about him and what he missed out on.
    If Becky's purpose here on earth was a final exam for this specialist
    and one day when he stands before God
    and tries to point out the hundreds of doctors he has trained,
    or the hundreds of patient's lives he has extended or improved,
    God will stop him and say, "No, none of those count.
    Only the one that I sent to you. What did you do to help her?
    How did you extend or improve her life?"
    If her purpose was to help this doctor become all that he could be
    and far more than he could ever have imagined, she is perfect.

    Barb-Annie's mom

  2. SO SO SO happy to hear this wonderful news! Who knew caffeine was a health food??

    Much love to you all,

  3. Deirdre11:32 AM

    Go Zoe!

    After she found out about the caffeine charge, Piera said (and I agree)"definitely a Batiansila." Looking forward to taking Zoe out for cafe-au-lait and beignets....

  4. Nichole1:14 PM

    Amazing! Praise God. Keep up your good work Zoe girl! You never cease to amaze me!!!! Stay strong.



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