Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mint Crisis

We've had to go to the Icebreakers, an inferior mint. It's a little disheartening that my crack/heroin isn't by my side. But we'll have to ride this out with Icebreakers.


  1. Anonymous10:01 AM

    I have three here at home for you, Greg. But I can't leave. I have hours till 22 people starting showing up. If only I had some magic carpet or something to bring you some. I'll work on that.

  2. Can't anyone in the Milwaukee area get this man some mints. I wish I could drive up there with some mints for you. :-)

    We just got back from our 5k for Zoe. Everyone loved her picture and I got to tell people to pray for her. I'm going to start posting pics and video on my blog. I'll let you know when it's up and running.

    Stay tuned.

    Wow, my word verification for this comment is Imbless. Isn't that the truth. I'm blessed in so many ways. Thank you God for the reminder.

    Zoe, thanks for helping me through my 5k today. We rocked it just for you. :-)

  3. Michael11:06 AM

    Way to go Melissa--
    Thankful today for all the little miracles God is working in Zoe right now. Thankful for knowing and now blessed to have our hearts filled with the Bats and sweet Zoe and the love it brings! GOD IS GOOD!!!!

  4. I wish getting these mints to you was as easy as Pay Pal money transfer. You would have oodles of them right now from me. This is the internet, can't we figure out how to do this? Hang in there. Addictions can be tricky and withdrawl can look like JOY. Praying.

    Laurie in Ca.



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