Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Things To Sing

To your kid when she wakes. Well, you gotta sing Robbie Seay. Because it was a year ago that it all started, all of it. And maybe a little Harry. And some old stuff that I used to sing when Kara would look at me and call an audible.

Jen's out in the parent room getting 2 hours so the concert goes on. She's awake and down to 38.1. Happy Thanksgiving.


  1. Greg,
    Here's one to sing...
    At Thanksgiving Eve Service tonight the closing hymn was Paul Gerhadt, "Now Rest Beneath Night's Shadow", and I thought of Zoe and your family. vs 4 & 5:

    Lord Jesus since you love me,
    Now spread your wings above me
    And shield me from alarm.
    Though Satan would devour me,
    Let angel gaurds sing o'er me:
    This child of God shall meet no harm.

    My loved ones, rest securely,
    For God this night will surely
    From peril guard your heads.
    Sweet slumbers may He send you
    And bid His hosts attend you
    And through the night watch o'er your beds.

    May God send His angels to guard your precious Zoe this night.
    Wendi (an ML friend of Deirdre)

  2. Praying for the entire family.
    Michael M.

  3. To know that You are near is enough..

    God of heaven come down
    heaven come down...

    Sing a song of hope.....

    This family calls this "Zoe's Song." Not what Robby Seay calls it. We have renamed it. It is "Zoe's Song." And we ALL sing it.

    Jim and Ginny, Kristen, Michael and Kelly



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