Thursday, November 27, 2008

Extubate Today

Dr. Ghanayem instructed a reduction in meds to wake Zoe up.

Zoe is triggering the vent...kind of commanding it to breathe, which is a great sign. They have already reduced the epi, which lowered her heartrate.

Some organ function (liver, kidneys) was lower because her body has to figure out what to do with the blood. This is a symptom of the B-T shunt. It will change.

Extubation today. Temp is 37.3. I've said it a ton of times but this moment is critical in Zoe's life and existence.

Come back to us, Zoe.

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  1. I am awake and back on praying for all to go perfect for Zoe today. She is a strong little warrior and God has her in the palm of His hand. God knows all about critical and the docs down there in the picture sure look like they are His right hand men in this. Just thought I'd let you know it is pouring rain here in So. California on Thanksgiving! It never does this and I am taking it as a good sign:) ANYTHING for ZOE today makes me thankful. I am thanking God right now for the success of the day. Praying for your nerves and hearts as you wait to see her eyes open and look at you. She knows you have been there all along. Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving to all of you as I truly believe this is one you will never forget.

    Love and Many Prayers, Laurie in Ca.



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