Thursday, November 27, 2008


Something they give preemies ...

caffeine to stay energized!

It's working great! She's been up over 80 oxygenization. Eyes wide open. Jen says she's trying to dance and she says, "AAAAAH."


Zoe would be the guy in the back of the line. (sorry about the popup. just close that window)


  1. Yay!!! I looked for an email address to tell you about the caffeine, and felt funny mentioning it as a comment. Great news! Still praying for you guys. (Laurie in CA won't let us forget!! She emailed me to make sure I knew about the surgery.)

  2. What I meant was, I didn't want to suggest I knew what someone else should do ... I was afraid that putting it in a comment, during this stressful time, would come across that way. But I've wanted to mention caffeine to you for a long time. My daughter's been on it since her first month (her apnea was dramatic, scary) and has not had problems at all with it. I worried about sleep, irritability ... doesn't cause problems (though I'd have tolerated some of both side effects if it meant she stopped having apnea). She was pretty irritable in her early months, but her irritability issues turned out to be reflux, we think ... and us needing to learn what soothed her ... and her needing to learn that we could figure out, eventually, so she'd let go and let us try.

  3. My daughter just prayed at dinner and prayed, "Thank you Lord that Zoe got caffeine. Amen." My kids keep asking for Zoe updates. We've even got the young ones praying here.

    My daugher loved the Will Ferrell video. We were laughing picturing Zoe in the future at Starbucks.



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