Sunday, November 30, 2008


Zoe has an infection. This is something Jen suspected for the last 12 hours. She has continued to ask about the possibility of an infection. Jen has asked nurses about the congestion baby has experienced and the temperature. The professionals kept saying it wasn't an infection. Now the experts confirm yes, it's an infection.

Physicians Assistant Elliot - who has kept with Zoe this whole time - walked in and listened to her and sprinted out to get help.

Zoe has been rushed to ICU and reintubated. They have put a central line in her leg to get medicines to her body since her heart isn't getting blood everywhere.

My internet was down this morning or I would have told you that we found out at 4 am that Zoe had a partially collapsed right lung that was reinflating with each breath. Could that have been why Zoe wasn't eating? Why weren't we told? Answers we probably won't get.

We're back in the surgical waiting room. Back to square 1. And this time, things are very bad.

Zoe's heart isn't getting blood to her whole body. It could be the infection that is preventing the heart from working. Or it could be a problem with the heart. If it's the heart they might have to go back in.


  1. Praying Hard right now that this is a setback that can be resolved quickly without damage. May Gods peace be all over you as He continues to hold Zoe in His hand. I am so sorry you are going through this roller coaster of emotions, watching as Zoe goes through all of this. God is faithful and He is good.
    And He has made Jen a professional here. Who knows her better but God and her parents.
    Laurie in Ca.



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