Sunday, November 30, 2008

a parent's plea

We spoke to Dr. Hagen about our plea for a consistency of strategy. We felt confident with direction at the ICU but felt like what was happening in the patient room was not as consistent or rooted in the same facts as our findings and experience from the ICU.

He listened, was kind and I"m hopeful will take our advice.

And P.S. , Dr. Hagen has been in our room a ton. He's a good man.


  1. Praying for precious Zoe and you guys as well... I can't imagine all the emotions you are going through as you pray and wait... and pray and wait. Although I'm a mommy of a T18 baby, I've never had to do what you are doing now. PRAYING for comfort, peace, God's healing of Zoe's infection, for her to eat well, and for wisdom and HIS HANDS on all those caring for her.

    Love and prayers,
    (Maddox's mommy)

  2. Nichole3:14 PM


    Please know you are Zoe's advocate. You are her voice. You question, you bother, you repeat, you call, you scream if you have to, but do not stop. Follow your heart, if something needs to be done, or something does not seem right, then holler at the top of your lungs.

    Still praying,

  3. Greg and Family,
    I am praying for your sweet Zoe and for the whole family for peace and to be comforted. We are putting you all on the Hintz Family prayer board. Greg and I lost our 5th child a month ago today, Samuel Mark Hintz, he was stillborn. We feel for you and know that the Lord will carry you now(as He has carried us)as you wait for healing and in the future days. That is the only explanation for how you get through times like this. Keep clinging to HIM.

    Greg & Sara Hintz... and family

  4. I am praying so hard that this battle you have been in since before Tuesday will be fought and won by the Lord and you two as Zoe's voice when she cannot speak herself. God is all over this baby Greg and Jen, and His plan is being worked out through these trials. Asking Him to give both of you limitless strength for each moment, and be the pressing strength in Zoe's little body that gets her through this rough time. It remains in the best of Hands, Gods. May He surround you with His healing cloud of witnesses there, all who touch Zoe. Rest and let His strength flow.

    Laurie in Ca.

  5. When my daughter was hospitalized after a surgery, we were also in a great teaching childrens hospital. A good thing about that is that you get the advantage of so many perspectives, and good ideas. A bad thing was the risk to continuity. Without one person "in charge" of everything, it started to feel like we were dependent on the various opinions and frequent changes of the "plan" from day to day and shift to shift.

    If our daughter's regular pediatrician had had admitting privileges there, I assume she would have been the "gatekeeper" for all the specialists, taking their input, while overseeing it all. But she didn't work there. Instead, one thing that was eventually offered to us, and which was an enormous blessing, was the opportunity to actually choose ONE of the doctors overseeing her care as her "primary" doctor while she was there. We chose one of the fellows, an amazing man we really connected with, who we always knew didn't question her right to excellent care, and who could listen so that he really "heard" us. All decisions (except emergency decisions) required his input, I think. And he continued with our daughter even after he was off our rotation and working with another group.

    I wonder if they would allow that for you? It sounds like you have some excellent choices, if they would allow it.

  6. Anonymous8:50 PM

    Dr. Hagen is SO nice. He used to work at UW-Madison and he was the Attending Doc the week that Jacob had his corneal transplant. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that he was coming to CHW last year. He was the Attending Doc on Center 4 when we were there for a surgery in the last 6 mos. Back at UW, one of our little heart friends was in for a LONG time so they let the family pic a primary dr. for some continuity of care. Guess who they picked!! What a spectacular, caring dr. indeed!!!

    Lots of love and prayers from Jen, Jeremy & Jacob Schultz



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