Saturday, November 29, 2008

Zoe Update

Zoe is pudgy in the face. Which makes her, with the big eyes, even more cherubic. When I checked in on her she was having trouble calming down. Jen's worried she's just too anxious. That's not manifested in crying, but in uneasiness and not eating.

If they can't get Zoe to eat, they're going to insert an eating tube. I'm not a big fan, if you check posts from months ago. I don't like that they have to hold a kid down to insert it. I don't like that I know she was eating just four days ago but now that she's not she gets food poured down her nose.

On the other hand, we don't have a lot of options. Either she calms down and eats, or she has to have food introduced to her somehow. It's tough.

I sang her songs and held her close and pulled her airflo tube off her nose. She was fine without it and they removed it. Now, eat Zoe. Now.


  1. I am praying that God fills Zoe with His peace and comfort so that she will be able to just focus on eating and healing. She has been through so much in the past four days, and I am so glad to read that you are able to hold and snuggle her. Praying for all of your nerves to be calmed and that she is not feeling too much discomfort from surgery.

    Laurie in Ca.

  2. huntsouth8:21 PM

    Praying that Zoe will eat.
    Thank you for sharing the request for Calista.
    Don't get discouraged. Remember all the blessings and the new-every-morning mercies.
    And, Zoe, taste and see that the LORD is good!
    Love, Amy

  3. Anonymous12:26 AM

    Just remember the Lord alone is in charge and He will carry you through.
    Jesus is watching and His love will
    never leave our sweet Zoe.

    God be with all of you!



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