Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pray for Calista

We found out the yesterday that our friend Calista has leukemia.

When we attended church with her, Calista was the loudest singer. She was in the front row so she could dance a little while singing. And clap.

During the sermon, she'd be the one to hoot and holler and yell "Amen!"

I grew up in a different sort of church, but when you attend Calista's church, I think you'd understand better how being led by the Spirit - sometimes - isn't just emotion. Isn't just show.

Calista has Downs Syndrome.

Oh please pray for our friend through this trying, awful time. So much happening she might not understand.

But know this: Calista is her Shepherd's lamb. And her faith - expressed so wonderfully, passionately, eloquently each Sunday - was a source of inspiration to us and is our peace as she undergoes her trial Calista is loved. Calista is held.

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