Saturday, November 29, 2008


Jen called in the early morning hours asking for Zoe's bottles. Zoe wasn't eating anything. She also wasn't peeing or pooping.

Jen wondered if she had her bottle from home, maybe there'd be some comfort there. Given that she has never slept alone, there's just so many things different from "normal."

I drove over to the hospital and brought the bottles. She just swatted at them. Jen did some magic to get her to poop, and with the help of both parents (Dad talking in her ear and smooching her forehead) she decided to take a little formula.

If she doesn't take formula through a bottle, they'll insert a feeding tube. For both Jen and me, it's a tough one to take. We know how hard baby squirms and wails when they insert it. We know it's not the same.

Then again, she's been through so much that we'll let them do whatever. It's just that baby might not understand what's going on. Maybe she saw too many things shoved down her throat in the last few days.

I'm typing, baby's swallowing little bits at a time. But more than the last 12 hours.

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