Thursday, November 27, 2008

jen's thought

baby has just gotten through a heart surgery. has goo in her lung. just got her temperature. we're told that even "normal" kids who are recovering from heart surgery undergo apnic attacks.

jen's thinking: just reintubate, let her get better or more stable, try again. we'll see.


  1. I am back and oh so stuffed, and am praying for this situation to receive the best answer right now. Asking the Lord to direct you as He still holds Zoe and your family in His hand.

    Love, Laurie in Ca.

  2. Holding you all close in prayer. My boys are constantly asking me for Zoe updates. We have been praying for Zoe, along with so many others since she was born. We have never met, but I know your sister Deirdre through our e-mail homeschooling group.

    I would agree with Jen, on putting the tube back in. Of course I'm not a Doctor but it makes sense..her little body has been through so much.

    May God give wisdom to all who care for your precious little Zoe, to know what is best for her right now.

    In Christ,



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