Wednesday, November 26, 2008


God is alive and well and in control. And it's not because Zoe is alive. Look at the story of today unfolding, including the comments on this blog from Italy. Erika calling people to pray. The hosts of people lifting their hands. God is alive and well and in control. Zoe...he's got Zoe. On Earth or Heaven. But some of us wouldn't pray unless we were going through something. So He puts us through it. Some of us wouldn't humble ourselves unless we met something too big to handle. So He gives us that huge, mammoth, sickening, immovable object.

Then He moves it.


  1. Anonymous7:34 AM


    Karen xo

  2. greg, your faith and strength is amazing. you keep that little girl going with your amazing understanding of God's plan for her. I along with my sister Sam continue to pray and think of Zoe. I anxiously await to hear this morning's news. Come back to daddy and mommy Zoe.



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