Monday, November 24, 2008

Daybefore Blog II

Just had a very good meeting with Martha and Elliot in the pre-op clinic and Dr. Tweddell. Some interesting notes:

1. In the strange world we live in - one where certain words can't be said at work- Martha said that we are blessed to have Dr. Tweddell. And Elliot says that this is in God's hands. I know. FIRE THEM!

2. Children's Hospital is under such an enormous bed crunch that surgery might not happen at all. Every morning at 6:30, there's a meeting and the doctors decide who gets help and who doesn't. If we don't get help tomorrow, we'll have to reschedule but Dr. Tweddell's December is very booked. So turn your prayers to that.

3. It's likely we'll just rescind the DNR and let them treat Zoe like she's a kid.

4. Elliott and we had a great discussion about my thoughts on Trisomy 18. He says that he keeps encountering situations where medicine has given grave prognostications that weren't accurate. He just isn't sure if this is one of them. He did agree that because the sample of live Trisomy 18 babies is "thinned," it's tough to truly theorize on mortality or treatment.

5. At the end of our conversation, we got a call. Aidan (Superman above) ran into the corner of a table and is getting a few stitches. The fun never ends.

All in all, stitches and snow aside, this day is going well. I truly hope we have surgery tomorrow. Blood oxygenization was lower than usual - less than 70 - when they checked.


  1. Get well soon superman (scars are cool!)and Zoe all the best wishes in the world for your big opperation, thinking and praying for you all xx Barb ;0)Melb. Aust.

  2. huntsouth1:57 PM

    My pastor spoke about the God of Wonders, yesterday, in conjunction with the story of the call of Moses.
    Moses suffered doubts as he focused on himself, instead of on his mighty God.
    He suffered fear, (and even ran) as he saw a wonder of God (rod becoming a serpent).
    He watched God remove his health and make his hand leprous.
    BUT, he watched God heal him, and transform him through obedience and, then God sent his brother to help him.
    Don't lose focus on the God of Wonders.
    Exodus 4:11 And the LORD said unto him, Who hath made man's mouth? or who maketh the dumb, or deaf, or the seeing, or the blind? have not I the LORD? Zoe was specially made by a great God Who does wonders every day.
    Our church and our family are praying for all of you .
    Love, Amy Hunt and family

  3. Praying for a bed to open for Zoe and for the surgery to go as scheduled tomorrow. Unless of course God wants to just touch and heal her, and show the world who rules. I am also praying for your nerves and your heart to be at total peace with Him. Zoe's life is so very valuable to so very many people. I will send up prayers for your Dad to feel better too. Pleading with God to bring Zoe through tomorrow.

    Love and Prayers, Laurie in Ca.

  4. Sending up tons of prayers for Zoe. I will be watching the blog anxiously tomorrow for updates.

  5. Hey, Dr Tweddle talked with us too about faith and what God will do. And when our daughter was older and had surgery for her cleft palate, Dr Conley (also at Children's) asked to pray with us before the surgery. God is good.



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