Tuesday, November 25, 2008

i have to admit

i am not sure i can do this. i'm just about ready to break down. please be ok zoe. i pray that God is just holding her in His palm and rewarding all of her stubborn fighting.


  1. Hang in there,take a deep breath-Zoe is in God's hands. I am praying!


  2. You can Greg. You are sooo strong. Zoe gets it from her Daddy and her Mommy. You give her the strength to fight. So cliche but God doesnt give you any more than you can handle. Hold on! Hold on to His strong hand!

  3. You CAN do this and you ARE doing this with the strength of the Lord who is holding you up. He gave Zoe the will to be a FIGHTER and she is doing it well. It is you that HE is trying to keep still so that you know that He is RIGHT THERE WITH YOU. I know, easy for me to say but I know it to be true and my mind is a little more clear than yours right now:) Try to be still when you can so you will hear the GOOD NEWS when that door opens for your turn to be blessed.
    CRY if you need to, it lets the stress out a tiny bit. I am right here with you on the sidelines, cheering Zoe on to come back to you. Growing my faith right along side of you and Jen. May you feel HIS peace all over you.

    Laurie in Ca.



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